Good Storage Practices


Good storage practices provide great benefits to businesses in the procurement process of products, play a very important role in the preparation of all products for distribution and distribution processes.

The system to be installed in the warehouses must be at a level and sufficient to protect occupational health and safety and ensure food safety. Today, when warehouses are considered, we see that occupational accidents are frequently encountered. Warehouse areas should be built as safe working environments and should be aimed to be away from life-threatening dangers. Another important point here is the training of employees on Good storage practices . Workplace employees who receive training on the subject become aware of what parts of the warehouses should pay attention to, and all the points that need attention about the products.

The healthy realization of the service provided by the business is closely related to the safe keeping of the products. It is important that the products are safely stored in warehouses and stacked in an orderly form. Fulfilling the requirements of Good storage practices completely and smoothly before proceeding to the shipping step also provides an efficient distribution network for the business.

What should be considered regarding good Good storage practices?

The positions and positions of the products in the warehouse are important. Products should not be stacked on top of each other.

Products should not be in direct contact with the ground. They should be positioned on a shelf or pallet.

The products in the warehouse should be categorized according to their materials and divided into areas determined in this way. Likewise, products should be classified according to their condition. (Food, non-food, return products, etc.)

Due to Good storage practices, it is important that the products are not exposed to sunlight in the warehouse, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

All products in the warehouse should be checked at specified intervals. The purpose of controlling; It is to protect it from possible dangers such as deterioration, theft, damage by heat, humidity, damage by insects.

Wastes should be disposed of in the waste bin and employees should be made aware of waste management.

Hygiene instructions in the warehouses must be followed and a sterile environment must be created.

Documentation of storage management is of great importance.

What are the advantages of making an effective storage application?

- Businesses can deliver products to the end consumer faster thanks to good Good storage practices. This means both saving time and maintaining the supply-demand balance.

- Handling operations are carried out from a single source. (Handling: It is the name given to all the steps in Good storage practices such as label, barcode, transportation, unloading, recording etc.)

-Combining and distributing small-sized products also reduces shipping costs. This reflects positively on the price of the product and therefore on the consumer.

-Because an enterprise with Good storage practices makes healthy storage, its employees also gain a working environment where work accidents are minimized. Thus, the motivation of the employees is also ensured.

When it is considered in terms of businesses, it may not be enough to produce a product with high quality, it is also necessary to store the product as it should be and to deliver it to the end consumer in a healthy way. A business that attaches importance to Good storage practices helps companies provide dynamic and value-added customer service by saving time and space for products.

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