ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling


ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system is an ISO (International Standardization of Organization)' for measuring and analyzing customer satisfaction, which is actively working with customers' suggestions and complaints, which benefits the company and the customer. It is a guide quality management system created by

The proliferation of businesses that are developing day by day and operating in every field has led to an increase in competition. This competition made the concept of “customer” important. Businesses; In order to make a difference among competitors, to maintain their existence, and to move their positions to much better places, they should definitely take into account the positive or negative feedback from their customers. The ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system standard guides the business in evaluating these returns, making improvements and producing solutions in line with the complaints. This means that ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system is an important opportunity for the continuous and permanent development of the business.

Each business may receive complaints for different reasons, but the business should not be unresponsive to these complaints. The best solution to this problem is ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system, which is a comprehensive and organized system. ISO published the ISO 10002 standard in 2004. Then, in 2006, TS ISO 10002 entered into force in Turkey as 2006 and was finally revised in 2018.

There is a situation that most of us experience today, which is that the more important the quality of the brand's products, the more important is the satisfaction rate of its customers. However, the lack of satisfaction of the customer and the loss of the customer can destroy the reputation of the brand. Regaining the lost sense of dignity and trust can result in both great efforts and great costs. It is important that ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system is established and well managed so that these problems are not experienced and the brand is not damaged. ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system is a customer and business-oriented standard and provides a professional appearance to the business. The fact that the business listens to and considers customer complaints shows that it cares about its customers and stands behind its product or service until the end. At the same time, establishing and operating the ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system is a serious investment for the enterprise to become an institution.

Some of the organizations using the ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system; public institutions, e-commerce brands, foundations and associations, private sector institutions, non-governmental organizations. The benefits of this standard to businesses can be listed as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction is achieved to a great extent,
  • The customer knows that his opinions are valued,
  • The business gets loyal customers,
  • Repetition of incoming complaints is minimized.

ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system, which aims to minimize the number of unhappy customers; There are dozens of items such as responsiveness, customer focus, responsibility, visibility, objectivity, and quick accessibility, and it provides a more efficient and effective working order for the business.

It is important to establish ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system in order for all newly established and future businesses to benefit from these benefits. This system, which shows that the business has an extrovert and open to improvement structure, also attaches importance to providing feedback to the complaints for which solutions are produced. This shows that the company acts with a sense of responsibility. ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system plays a major role in the survival of businesses for long periods, making a difference among their competitors, keeping the bond between them and their customers healthy, turning the crisis into an opportunity as a result of complaints.