Supplier Audit Practice


The concept of Supplier audit appears in all standards related to safe food production and plays an important role in forming the basis of food production. supplier audit comes at the beginning of the steps that a business needs to produce better quality products. The person or persons we mentioned as the supplier; are the sources that supply raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials to companies.

Today, in order for businesses to produce much safer and higher quality products and for their brands to progress more successfully in the market, their existing or new suppliers should be audited. While performing the Supplier audit , the goal is to ensure that the supplier company develops, eliminates deficiencies, if any, provides quality materials to the enterprise and produces materials in accordance with the law. Audits are carried out in accordance with the standards of the enterprise. Therefore, it plays an important role in preventing all possible problems or inconsistencies. In addition, supplier control allows the business to grow and take place in the forefront of its competitors.

The fact that the supplier companies are audited is very important for the company to improve and develop itself. In terms of business, the inspection of the company means that it reaches much higher quality raw materials and materials. Each enterprise has its own qualification documents. Just as the business has a GFSI approved document, the supplier company must also obtain the same document. In other words, the company and the supplier should integrate with each other in order to produce at the same level of quality and safety. If such a document is not available, the supplier audit takes place on site or is audited on behalf of the business by a specialist auditor. While performing the audit, there should be supplier audit question lists and the basic items that should be included in these lists. These items are; HACCP can be exemplified as traceability, quality and product safety, counterfeiting and adulteration, and can also vary according to the standard. The expert who will perform the Supplier audit must be someone who has received audit training, has a command of the standards, and must be verified by competent persons. At Suswise, the question lists are prepared by a professional BRC auditor. Supplier audit what should be included in the question lists, how the question list sample should be, etc. All the answers to the questions are available in Suswise. In Suswise, you can easily access supplier audit question lists and perform your audit in a healthy way. 

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