What is AS 9100?


AS 9100 is the international quality management system written in the field of aerospace industry. It is important to establish a solid foundation and to take the right steps in the aviation and space industry in our country. AS 9100 quality management system is a guide in the formation of this basis. As it is known, certain standards must be complied with in order to bring any product or service to the market in a healthy, safe and secure manner. Especially if the subject is the aerospace industry, we need to talk about deadly risks here. AS 9100 has a very important position in reducing precisely these risks. Organizations that perform maintenance, repair and repair on commercial aviation and military products can obtain the AS 9100 standard.

The aim of the AS 9100 quality management system is to secure the structure of manufacturers in the field of aerospace. And it does this by improving quality and taking into account vital risks. It incorporates key elements such as safety, product suitability and airworthiness. AS 9100 was created based on the basic structure of the ISO 9001 standard. In other words, it has been prepared by adapting ISO 9001 to the aviation industry and has been tested and approved.

Aviation is a high-security industry. AS 9100 is a quality management standard developed to minimize these hazards and to meet safety and security requirements. When talking about the standards of different sectors, we often encounter the concept of "quality". However, the meaning we need to deduce from the term "quality" in the AS 9100 standard is "safety". AS 9100 also includes the safety management system. Since it is the aviation industry, it is necessary to consider the deadly hazards and the same level of deadly risks. The safety management system and the quality management system have a structure that supports and complements each other. The safety management system examines all situations that may cause problems in terms of high risks, down to the last detail. The phenomenon we refer to as the quality management system in the aviation/space industry makes evaluations in more general terms and by prioritizing "quality". If a product or service is safe, it also means that it is of good quality. Therefore, it is very important that the product/service is "safe" first. From this point of view, we can state that the AS 9100 standard is a quality management standard that develops itself by centered on the concept of safety.

AS 9100 minimizes work accidents and provides significant benefits to organizations in order to produce products to reduce risks that may cause fatal errors. In addition, it allows the establishment of a commercial license to the enterprise. The company with the AS 9100 quality management system occupies the top position among its competitors and enables the company to gain prestige. Having this standard also increases the trust of the customer in terms of permanent supply to the business. The company, which has a continuous improvement and development cycle, gains customer satisfaction and a corporate stance with the AS 9100 standard.

You can access the internal auditor question list prepared for the AS 9100 standard by clicking the link below: