What is FSSC 22000?

Sibel Taşhan Yurtseven

FSSC 22000 is a non-profit, independent, international GFSI-approved certification program established nearly 12 years ago to create trust and value in the consumer products industry. It provides support to the consumer products industry in implementing ISO-based management systems and achieving sustainable development goals to create value. Its headquarters are in the Netherlands.

To fulfill its mission, over thirty food safety professionals are working on the continuous improvement and renewal ofFSSC 22000, the GFSI-recognized food safety management system.

FSSC 22000 is based on the fulfillment of ISO standards, PAS 220 (ISO/TS 22002) Series Standards and FSSC additional requirements. For a company that implements the ISO 22000 standard, it provides the opportunity to switch to a GFSI approved standard by effectively managing FSSC 22000 additional requirements and PAS 220 applications.

FSSC 22000 is a program based on food safety. The difference of the GFSI approved standard from other GFSI approved standards such as BRCGS, IFS is that it progresses based on ISO series standards. In addition, the document is a three-year document as in ISO standards and there is an interim audit every year. Even if the companies receive the three-year certificate after the first audit or renewal audit, if they do not receive the interim audit, their certificates lose their validity.

FSSC 22000 publishes the companies that are entitled to receive the certificate through the “FSSC Directory” portal. Since the FSSC 22000 Certificate is a three-year document, the portal is of great importance for checking its validity. In addition, obtaining a GFSI-approved document and being published on the international portal provides businesses with an opportunity for international visibility and commercial relations.

Sectors addressed by FSSC 22000 standards:


food packaging manufacturers

Convenience food,

animal feed manufacturers,


Retail and wholesale

Benefits of Certification in FSSC 22000 Standards;

You become a business documented to an internationally recognized GFSI approved standard.

Audit reports are uploaded to FSSC Directory and all your customers and potential customers can follow you from this portal,

The fact that the customer does not re-check you because you have FSSC 22000 certificate allows you to accelerate your trade, save time and provide a serious advantage in cost,

By providing a third-party independent audit for your business on food safety, legality, and quality, you are demonstrating to all your customers that you care about these issues.

Why are FSSC 22000 Documents Required?

FSSC 22000 is an accredited and international certification program that publishes a management system standard. As with all management systems, standard clauses are based on document practices and good manufacturing practices.

FSSC 22000 has defined its expectations in the relevant standard articles in its standards. While defining the document requirement as documented information, recording or monitoring system, he defined the documents needed in each. In a standard article that does not contain documents, if good manufacturing practice is required, the need for documents is mentioned in a very large part of the standard, considering that it must be documented so that it can be done in the same way by everyone.

In the preparation of each document, you should know the system requirements very well as well as knowing the business you work for very well. Just at this stage, Suswise's experienced Suswisers step in and enable you to access sector-specific documents through Suswise. After this point, the only thing to do is to adapt these documents to your business and start using them.

Why is the FSSC 22000 Question List Necessary?

When you decide to install the FSSC 22000 system for the first time, first of all, it is necessary to thoroughly assimilate the standard you want to establish the system. But if you do not have experience, if we are at the beginning of the road and you do not have any other education other than basic education on the subject, this will not be an easy process at all. Just as you can't diagnose yourself when you have pain in any part of your body and you want support from a professional, that is, a doctor, when you first set up the system, you need a professional just like you need a doctor. This is exactly where Suswise comes in with question lists, which professionals who know the standard very well simplify and simplify the standard for you. It guides you during the system setup phase and how correctly you set up the system.

Suswise; has developed QuickCheck (Question List) software, which you can use by purchasing ready-made question lists created by professionals who are experts in the field, or you can easily upload and use your own question lists. Thanks to QuickCheck, you can conduct your inspections in the field, assign tasks to your teammates for nonconformities, perform root cause analysis, report nonconformities in the field, and monitor the current status of your inspections with detailed graphic reports.

The QuickCheck application has been prepared in such a way that companies can easily carry out all audit processes without requiring almost any software knowledge. QuickCheck is a very powerful application for companies that want to digitally and archive their audits.

You can reach the list of questions you need by clicking the link below:


Prepared by: Sibel Taşhan Yurtseven, Lead Auditor for GFSI Approved Standards