What is ISO 22000? (For Hotel Kitchens)


ISO 22000 aims to obtain safe food by incorporating GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles in the entire process from the soil to our tables. It is the management system that enables An international standard, ISO 22000, is used by both food manufacturers in the food supply chain, as well as food equipment manufacturers, packaging and storage, sanitation services, in short, directly or indirectly. It can be used by all businesses that operate indirectly related to food.

One of the businesses that use the ISO 22000 standard is the hotels operating in the tourism sector. For hotels, the ISO 22000 standard provides guidance in terms of producing and serving food safely. With the standard, which includes methods valid all over the world, possible dangers that may put food safety at risk are prevented. The hotels, which serve in all seasons, especially in the summer season, are businesses where thousands of guests dine in their kitchens. Therefore, it is very important that the foods served in hotels are safe and that all guests and staff consume these foods with peace of mind. 

A large number of personnel work in different departments within the hotel, which directly affects food safety. Employing conscious personnel will reduce the risk of food safety. The most effective way to raise the awareness of the personnel is to implement an effective training program for the new or current personnel. Every employee in the hotel should be informed about food safety as required by the ISO 22000 standard, specific to their department. One of the important training issues is hygiene and sanitation, which must be made aware of especially the staff working in the kitchen and service departments. The majority of food-based ailments encountered in hotels are due to inadequate hygiene conditions. For example, as a result of cross-contamination due to insufficient sanitation or inadequate personal hygiene, food poisoning may occur in guests and very serious health problems may occur. In addition to personnel hygiene and surface disinfection, raw material disinfection is among the issues to be considered. Fruits and vegetables that are not properly disinfected can cause food poisoning. In accordance with ISO 22000, fruits and vegetables in hotel kitchens are effectively disinfected using chlorine or ozone.

ISO 22000 Another issue as important as hygiene in terms of food safety is keeping critical temperature limits under control. In the kitchen and service areas, the cooling systems must be operated in accordance with the specified instructions and periodically checked. In addition, hot products prepared for service must be cooked, preserved and presented within the framework of the determined critical temperatures. It is of great importance to establish and control the necessary systems for the protection of critical limits.

Another important issue in terms of food safety is the layout of the warehouses where raw materials and foods are stored. A suitable storage environment where necessary precautions are taken to prevent cross contamination, temperature and humidity conditions suitable for food are provided, shelf life of products and label information are followed in accordance with ISO 22000 storage instructions needs to be created.

Hotels; Establishing ISO 22000 food safety systems with the support of food engineers who are experts in their fields and operating accordingly, increase the reputation of the business, while also gaining the satisfaction and trust of the guests who stay. This always carries the business to the top levels among its competitors. Within the scope of food safety, it is important and necessary to set up management systems such as ISO 22000 in order to avoid possible adverse events. The standard provides the business with a regular, systematic and controlled working environment.