What is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard?


ISO 27001 standard; It is an information security management system that allows businesses to keep confidential information of both themselves and their existing customers safe and manage this confidential information. In today's world where the importance of knowledge is increasing; It is very valuable to establish a security management system in businesses in order to protect the confidentiality of information belonging to businesses and their customers and to ensure information security. The ISO 27001 standard is the best and most effective way to prevent information from being accessed or disclosed by unauthorized, unauthorized persons or institutions, and the industry is independent in the implementation of this standard. Thanks to the ISO 27001 standard, the risks/threats that may occur can be identified and all the procedures required to be applied in accordance with the standard are implemented and the information is secured.

The concept of information security is actually a process. And the process needs to remain dynamic. This can be achieved with the cycle we call PUKO. PUKO; It is an abbreviation of the terms plan, implement, control and take action. In the ISO 27001 standard, objectives, targets and procedures are established for the healthy functioning of information security. Afterwards, the application step is started and all controls are carried out at specified intervals. Finally, as a result of all reviews, corrective actions are implemented, improvements are made and measures are taken. When it is considered in terms of businesses, it may not be enough to hide the existing information only from external people or institutions. It is also necessary to protect existing knowledge from destruction. When all procedures required by the ISO 27001 standard are applied, the danger of information extinction is minimized.

There are three basic elements of information security in the ISO 27001 standard: confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. If even one of the items in question is damaged, it is inevitable to encounter a security problem. The concept we call privacy; information is not accessible by unauthorized persons. Accessibility; is the situation in which information can be accessed by authorized persons at any time. Integrity is; It is the state of not making any changes in the information, being complete and correct. These terms should be applied in order to ensure the security of information. In addition, it is necessary to mention the articles of theISO 27001 standard. The items in question are:

-Information technologies,

-Safety techniques,

-Information security management system,

-They are requirements.

In line with all these elements and articles, it is also very important to manage the ISO 27001 standard well.

Thanks to the ISO 27001 standard, businesses can distinguish what their information assets are and take steps towards this and secure their information assets. This brings business continuity. Thus, the company that implements the ISO 27001 standard will have an advantageous position among its competitors. When it is considered from the point of view of its customers, the business gains respect and reputation in the eyes of its customers. At the same time, they create a business profile that shows that they care about the customer's information. Another benefit provided by the ISO 27001 standard is that it demonstrates that the business complies with the law and deposits.

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