What is Occupational Safety Analysis?


Within the framework of occupational safety analysis, employers always have to control the health and safety of their employees and create a suitable working environment. In this respect, employers; They make a risk assessment regarding possible situations that may pose a risk in terms of occupational safety. Evaluation is carried out by recognizing potential hazards, identifying risks, analyzing and following many steps. By looking at all the data obtained, the identified risks are analyzed based on certain factors. The document, which we describe as an occupational safety analysis form, is one of these analysis methods. The aim of the form; is to categorize the current work and identify possible hazards and measures that can be taken against these hazards. Occupational safety analysis documents are very important in terms of establishing necessary procedures, predicting changes, updates and improvements. There is a link that complements and supports each other between the concept of risk analysis and the concept of occupational safety analysis, which we mentioned a few sentences ago. As a result of risk analysis, an occupational safety analysis form is immediately put into use in order to focus on and pay attention to the works with high risk scores.

Generally, the jobs of the workers operating in the field are the most suitable jobs in terms of job security analysis. It is very important to divide the work into parts while performing the occupational safety analysis. The main point here is to specify the steps neither too general nor too detailed when breaking down the work. Another point to be considered while applying the occupational safety analysis is the inclusion of the employees doing the job. They should definitely be given the right to speak, their opinions should be taken into consideration and evaluated. The hazards experienced by the workers and the reports of previous accidents should also be considered while conducting the investigations.

While examining the steps within the framework of occupational safety analysis, dangerous behaviors that may cause occupational accidents are determined. (This includes possible hidden dangers.) Then necessary precautions are taken. The important thing is to listen to the experiences of everyone in the team and to decide on the measures to be taken accordingly. This situation also allows the motivation of the employees to increase. The employer's creation of safe environments for employees, taking into account the issue of occupational safety, is also an important factor in increasing the employee's commitment to his employer.

A properly applied occupational safety analysis can also save time for the business. As a result of providing suitable conditions in terms of occupational safety, the business produces much more efficient and qualified work.

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