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BRCGS Food V9 / Issue 9 Transition Document

BRCGS Food/Food V9 Standard was published on 01.08.2022 and all inspections after 01.02.2023 will be carried out with BRCGS Food / Food V9 standard. If certified businesses do not have renewal inspections by this date, they will have six months to transition to BRCGS Food / Food V9 Standard. In the transition to the BRCGS Food/Gıda V9 standard, I prepared the changes in all the items of the standard that you need only for the transition, in a plain and plain language, as if asking the team during the audit, in Turkish, in the form of a question list, with a total of 203 questions. I've added notes to the practitioner below each question explaining how you can apply it. The questions prepared in this list of questions and the practical notes for each question have been prepared with my 18 years of active BRCGS audit experience, using the following resources. • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Standard • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Key Changes /Key Changes Guide • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Interpretation/Application Guide From these sources, you can access the BRCGS Food/Gıda V9 Standard in English and Turkish from the BRCGS Participate and BRCGS standards section. You can also find the English versions of the BRCGS Food/Food V9 Key Changes/Key Changes and BRCGS Food/Food V9 Interpretation/Application Manual from the Participate and BRCGS standards section. BRCGS Food/Gıda V9 Key Changes/Key Changes and BRCGS Food/Gıda V9 Interpretation/Application Manual are not available in Turkish. The notes prepared for the application for each question also serve as a training note for the BRCGS Food V9 Transition for businesses. You will be eligible to receive the V9 Transition Training certificate.
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