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Cleaning and Disinfection-Frozen Bakery

1. ''The frequency of cleaning risk analysis'' is the document that evaluates the dangers in terms of equipment and necessity of cleaning. 2.''Control of the effectiveness of cleaning risk analysis'' is the hazard analysis in which the parameters that will determine how the effectiveness of the cleaning will be controlled are evaluated. 3.''Cleaning equipment usage instruction'' is the instruction in which the equipment used for cleaning is defined according to the color of the area. 4.''Cleaning and disinfection plan'' is the document in which the area, chemical to be used, responsible, method and registration details of the cleaning program to be applied are defined. 5.''Approved Chemicals List'' is the document that lists the products with defined msds documents suitable for use in food production facilities used for cleaning and disinfection. 6.''Cleaning Control Form-production lines'' is the document in which the cleaning done on the production lines is visualized on a field basis, the chemical residue in the rinsing water is checked, the allergen control is made and recorded. 7.''Cleaning activities effectiveness verification form'' is a report that includes the scientific basis, in which the effectiveness of cleaning practices is verified after the first system installation. 8. ''Work start approval form after long-term planned or unplanned stoppage'' is a form prepared for food safety-centered control approval after long-term stoppages in the work area. 9. The "Cleaning performance trend monitoring form" is the form in which the adequacy of the cleaning activities and the situation of causing nonconformities related to food safety are questioned.
Existing Standards
Form, Risk Analizi, Plan
temizlik, risk
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1.Cleaning Frequency Risk Assesment.xlsx
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4.Cleaning and Disinfection Plan-Diary.docx
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6.Cleaning Control Form-Production Lıne.docx
7.Long Term Planned Unplanned After Downtime , Work Start Approval Form.docx
8.Cleaning Activities Verification Form.docx
9.Cleaning Performance Trend Follow up Form.docx