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Confidentiality and Impartiality Procedure And Its Annexes

This procedure describes the actions to be taken at all levels of the company in order to protect the trade secrets of the Customer, to evaluate the results obtained independently, and to prevent conflicts of interest, especially at the point of service provision. In addition to the procedure, the declaration application for Senior Management, Personnel and Visitor is also included as an annex to the procedure. Ekran okuyucu desteğini etkinleştirin.
Existing Standards
ISO 13485, ISO 17020, ISO 17025
Prosedür, Form, Beyan
gizlilik, tarafsızlık, bağımsızlık, akreditasyon, güven
Attached Files
Annex-1 Senior Management Statement of Confidentiality, Honesty and Impartiality.docx
Annex-2 Personnel Statement of Confidentiality, Honesty and Impartiality.docx
Annex-3 Visitor Confidentiality And Impartiality Statement.docx
Confidentiality and Impartiality Procedure.docx