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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Instruction And Its Annexes

The ways of sterilizing Medical Devices with Ethylene Oxide, one of the traditional sterilization methods, can be seen in this instruction. Attachments regarding physical and microbiological monitoring are among the documents.
Existing Standards
ISO 13485, ISO 11135, EN 1422, EN 556-1
Talimat, Form
tıbbi cihaz, medikal, sterilizasyon, etilenoksit, sterilite, steril
Attached Files
Annex-1 Sterilization Cycle Data Entry Form.docx
Annex-2 Sterilization In & Out Data Entry Form.docx
Annex-3 Sterilization Cycle Biological Indicator Layout Plan.docx
Annex-4 Sterilization Unit Layout Plan.docx
Annex-5 Biological Indicator Test Report.docx
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Instruction.docx