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HACCP-Frozen Fruits and Vegetable

It contains all the necessary documentation related to HACCP in accordance with food safety standards in the frozen fruit and vegetable sector. When you adapt the green areas according to your business, you complete the documentation of the HACCP section, which is one of the most difficult parts of the system. This package includes: 1. "HACCP System Procedure": It is the procedure that describes how the HACCP system will be operated, hazard analysis, and hazard analysis methodology. 2.1. "Hazard Analysis-OGP": It includes the hazard analysis of the prerequisite programs. 2.2 "Prerequisite Program Plan: It is the plan that includes the legal basis of the prerequisite programs to be followed in accordance with the GFSI approved product safety standards, the controls to be made, the control frequency, the responsibility and the registration. 3. "Product Description": Contains the product description for frozen fruit and vegetables. The product definition consists of physical and chemical properties, processing method, usage type, consumer group, presence of allergens, packaging, shelf life and storage conditions, place of sale, label warnings, special transportation conditions and origin. 4. "Frozen Product Flow Charts": It contains a total of 11 flows as raspberries, peas, peppers, whole green figs, strawberries, beans, spinach, celery, asparagus, cherries, vegetables. 4.12."Flowchart Onsite Verification Meeting Form":This is an example of the form in which annual verifications of flowcharts will be recorded. 5.1 "Input Hazard Analysis": It is the document that analyzes the hazards in the inputs (including the auxiliary materials and packaging) required for the frozen fruit-vegetable processing process. It covers physical, chemical, microbiological, allergen, adulteration, sabotage, radiological risks. 5.2 "Fruit-Vegetable Process Hazard Analysis": This is the document in which the hazards related to the frozen fruit-vegetable processing process are analyzed. It covers physical, chemical, microbiological, allergen, adulteration, sabotage, radiological risks. 6.1 "Operational Prerequisite (O-ORP) Plan": It is the plan that shows how the points that come out as O-ORP points as a result of the hazard analysis will be managed. 6.2 -6.3 Operational Prerequisites Control Forms: It contains blank samples of the forms that must be kept according to the O-OGP plan. 7.1 "HACCP Plan": It is the plan that shows how to manage the points that come out as Critical control points (kkn) as a result of the hazard analysis. 7.2 "CCP Control Instruction ": It includes control methods of CCPs according to the HACCP Plan. 7.3-7.4.-7.5. CCP Control Forms:It contains control forms of CCPs according to the HACCP Plan. 7.6-7.7.-.7.8."CCP Points Validation Report": It is a detailed report describing how validation is made for the determined CCP Points. It is available for each root point determined according to the HACCP Plan. 7.9. "HACCP System Verification and Validation Form": This is the form prepared to guide step-by-step verification of the entire HACCP System.
Existing Standards
FSSC 22000, BRCGS, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 22000:2018 , HACCP, IFS Food, BRCGS Start, BRC Food, BRC Food V8, BRCGS Food V8, BRC Start, FSSC 22000 Food
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Attached Files
1.HACCP System Procedure.docx
2.1Hazard analysis-prp programs.xls
2.2Prerequisite Program Plan.docx
3.Product Description-Frozen Fruit-Vegetable.docx
4.1 Frozen Raspberry-Blackberry Flow Chart.doc
4.2 Frozen Pea Flow Chart.xlsx
4.3 Frozen Pepper Flow Chart.xlsx
4.4 Frozen Whole Fig Flow Chart.xlsx
4.5 Frozen Strawberry Flow Chart.doc
4.6 Frozen Green Bean Flow Chart.xlsx
4.7 Frozen Spinach Flow Chart.xlsx
4.8 Frozen Celery Flow Chart.xlsx
4.9 Frozen Asparagus Flow Chart.xlsx
4.10 Frozen General Vegetable Flow Chart.xlsx
4.11 Frozen Sour and Sweet Cherry Flow Chart.xlsx
4.12.Meeting form of On-site confirmation Of The Flowchart.docx
5.1 Input Hazard Analyisis -Fruit and Vegetable.xlsx
5.2 Fruits and Vegetable Process Hazard Analysis And Desicion Tree.xlsx
6.1 O-PRP Programs Plan.docx
6.2 Warehouse and Tunnel Temperature Follow Up Form.xlsx
6.3 IQF Control Form.xlsx
7.1 HACCP Plan.docx
7.2 CCP Monitoring Instruction.docx
7.3 Blanching Activities Control Form.docx
7.4 Final Product Analysis Form-Frozen Spinach.xls
7.5 Metal Detector Control Form.docx
7.6 Vegetable Blanching Validation Report.docx
7.7 Fruits and Vegetables Final Product RM removal Validation Report.docx
7.8 CCP Metal Detector Validation Report.docx
7.9HACCP Plan Verification and Review Form.docx
8.2.CCP Metal Detector Verification Form.docx