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STOP-6 | Identification of Occupational Safety Risks

ST0P-6 is the method of categorizing and defining risks, which forms the basis of the occupational safety culture in the Toyota Production System. With the attached documents that describe the learning points and countermeasures obtained from work accidents with serious consequences, you can see and define the occupational safety risks in your business areas and obtain a visual management report about the nonconformities.
Existing Standards
Genel, İşçi Sağlığı ve İş Güvenliği, Safety
Liste, El Kitabı, Rapor, izlenebilirlik formu
tps, STOP-6, Safety, İş Güvenliği
Attached Files
ST0P-0 Guidance and Current Status Report.xlsx
ST0P-1 Prevention of accidents caused by employees being caught in machinery and equipment-EN.xlsx
ST0P-2 Precautions for heavy object contact accidents-EN.xlsx
ST0P-3 Prevention of contact accidents with industrial vehicles-EN.xlsx
ST0P-4 Prevention of fall from height accidents-EN.xlsx
ST0P-5 Prevention of accidents caused by electric shock-EN.xlsx
ST0P-6 Prevention of accidents caused by contact with hot objects-EN.xlsx