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1.''Training Procedure'' is the procedure in which the details of the training activities implemented in the enterprise are explained. 2.''Training frequency risk analysis'' is the document that determines what topics the training will be about and how often it should be, depending on the hazard assessment on the basis of food safety. 3.''Orientation training instruction'' is the instruction that explains the details of informing the newly recruited personnel about food safety and general rules. 4. "Training plan" is the document that defines the subjects, deadlines, training periods and the people who will receive and give training of the training programs implemented in the enterprise. 5.''Orientation training form'' is the form in which the trainings received by the recruited personnel are recorded. 6. "Training Participation Form" is a record containing the names and signatures of the participants, duration and trainer information of the content of the planned or unplanned trainings. 7.1.''CCP Metal Detector Training Efficiency Evaluation Form'' It is the record in which the training of the personnel who pass the product through the critical control point metal detector and the effectiveness of the training are evaluated. 7.2.''Foreign substance training effectiveness evaluation form'' It is the record in which the effectiveness of the training given on foreign substance awareness is evaluated by asking questions. 7.3.''Legal authority audit training effectiveness evaluation form'' is the record prepared for the effectiveness evaluation of the training given in order to increase the awareness of the personnel in charge of the audits from the legal authorities.
Existing Standards
FSSC 22000, BRCGS Start V1, BRCGS, IFS, BRC, IFS Food V7, BRCGS Food, IFS Food, BRCGS Start, BRC Food, BRC Food V8, BRCGS Food V8, FSSC 22000 Food V5.1, IFS Global Markets Food V2, BRC Start, BRC Start V1, FSSC 22000 Food
Prosedür, Talimat, Form, Risk Analizi, Plan
eğitim, kkn, oryantasyon, risk, ögp eğitimi, eğitim katılım
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1.Training Procedure.docx
2.Training Frequency Risk Assesment.xlsx
3.Orientations Training Instruction.docx
4.Training Plan.docx
5.Orientation Training Form.docx
6.Training Participation Form.docx
7.1Metal Detector Training Activity Evaluation Form.docx
7.2Storage Operations Training Activity Evaluation Form.docx
7.3Foreign Material Training Activity Evaluation Form.docx
7.4Legal Authority and Customer Audit Training Effectiveness Evaluation Form.docx