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BRCGS Packaging Standard Version_6 Self-Assessment or Internal Audit or Supplier Audit

In BRCGS Packing standard version_6 -If you want to measure how much your applications meet the standard to set up your system, -You have implemented the standard, but if you want to make a self-assessment before the audit to see if I have any shortcomings, - If you want to do internal audit -If you want to do your supplier audits, you can use this QuickCheck.
Existing Standards
FSSC 22000, BRCGS, IFS, BRC, BRCGS Packaging V6, BRC Packaging, IFS PACsecure, IFS Global Markets PACsecure, IFS PACsecure V2, FSSC 22000 Food Packaging Manufacturing
QuickCheck Content
Relevant Standard Item NoTask TitleTask DetailsExpectation
2.1.1.HACCP-HARA/ Product Safety TeamIs the team formed for hazard analysis and risk assessment, development and implementation adequate? Does it consist of different functions, including those responsible for quality, technical, engineering/maintenance, manufacturing operations and other related functions? Are external experts used? Note: Where the organization's internal expertise is insufficient, external expertise may be used to analyze hazards, the risks of their occurrence, and/or develop and review the hazard and risk management system. However, the day-to-day management of the system will be the responsibility of the facility.Document
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