Sibel Taşhan Yurtseven
Lead Auditor for GFSI Approved Standards
IFS Pathway Publisher

BRCGS Start Intermediate Level Self-Assessment//Internal Audit Questionlist

You want to improve your BRCGS System from basic level to intermediate level, but if you do not know where to start, or if you want to measure how much your applications meet the standard, or if you want do a self-assessment before certifiaciton audit , you use this cheklist. You can also use this quickcheck as a guide to prepare for supplier audits.And you can make internal audit for this list
Existing Standards
BRCGS Start, BRC Start V1
self-assessment, pre-assessment, internal audit, intermediate level
QuickCheck Content
Relevant Standard Item NoTask TitleTask DetailsExpectation
1.1.1Senior Management Commitment-PolicyDo you have a policy that explains your obligation to produce documented safe, legal, quality and authentic products in your business, and that it is your responsibility to your customers?Document
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