GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

Nazar Adanır

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Good Manufacturing Practices is a quality system that guides manufacturers on how and under what conditions products should be produced. Although the GMP standard is not a one-time system; It is a production technique that is constantly inspected and kept under control, that the systemic or operational deficiencies that arise during these controls are corrected, and that develops based on the innovations brought by today's technology and sectoral studies. These applications covered by GMP are among the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food products; It can also be called as a set of techniques that must be applied uninterruptedly at the stages of raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage and distribution to ensure quality in products.

GMP's Question List (QuickCheck) allows to check the reliability of manufactured products at the production stage. However, during the GMP control phase, we frequently encounter questions such as who will be checked and according to what, and what kind of a decision should be taken as a result of the detected non-compliance. It will be much more manageable to control and make decisions with a list that will cover the entire production facility and suitable for all food production processes. Time saving, one of the most valuable parameters, is directly proportional to the speed of the solution. With the QuickCheck (Question List) of GMP, relevant departments such as quality, production, etc. will reach the solution much faster by providing unity of direction.

GMP's QuickCheck (Question List) will help establish production quality and will also ensure readiness for industry requirements. Analyzing is part of GMP, but by itself it does not mean a high level of quality assurance, without a follow-up list to support the assessment result as well as Corrective Preventive Actions, including comprehensive parameters to check, such as GMP QuickCheck.

With the created records, GMP QuickCheck (Question List) also provides data on many critical issues such as before/after improvements for points where nonconformities are detected, prevention of customer complaints and even the annual score of an entire process.

Production Focuses of GMP QuickCheck (Question List):

•Quality assurance

• Sanitation and Hygiene

Qualification and Validation


Product recall

• Internal control and quality audits


•Trainings for Good Manufacturing Practices

•Personnel hygiene



Material and materials


Applications in production

Applications in quality control

Why GMP Audit?

GMP provides commitment to safe food production and trade.

GMP builds greater consumer confidence.

GMP complies with the minimum standards required for food producers / processors.

GMP increases operational efficiency and reduces nonconforming activities by flowline processes.

GMP is the basis for certification of the organization on other food safety standards and HACCP.

GMP QuickCheck(Question List) and Quality

One of the common problems of all Quality Assurance teams is to evaluate GMP Audit nonconformities more effectively and accurately. It will be possible with a GMP QuickCheck (Question List) independent of the department, that the detected nonconformities are not relative but common and measurable and more understandable within the evaluated department.

With GMP QuickCheck (Question List), checking all areas of the Facility as items and determining the risk of the detected nonconformity according to its probability and impact status can be one of the methods. For example, a small crack in the wall and a tear in the product carrying PU band will not have the same effect on the current production. According to the risk ratio, nonconformities that need to be intervened by cutting production and nonconformities that need to be followed up with CAPA will be quantitatively separated from each other. In routine production controls, this list will enable the process control quality team to evaluate more effectively.

You can click on the link below to access the QuickCheck (question list) with detailed information about GMP:


Prepared by: Nazar Adanır, Quality Systems Consultant, Biochemist