ISO 50001 Energy Management System


ISO 50001 energy management system; It is very important for the efficient use of energy in businesses. In today's world where we need to know the value of our energy resources more due to the changing climate structure, we must take action on energy consumption and take steps to prevent energy waste. The best way to minimize energy losses in businesses is to establish a management system. This is possible with the ISO 50001 standard. With the standard, energy use is managed much more efficiently. TheISO 50001 energy management system is not only a guide for businesses but also for our country to use energy resources efficiently.

ISO 50001 energy management system; It is an international management system that can be established in all enterprises, regardless of small, medium or large scale, can be applied in organizations providing services/production in all sectors and can be integrated with other management systems.

The ISO 50001 energy management system standard is gathered under 6 main headings:

-Management's responsibility

-Energy policy

-Energy planning

-Application and operation


-Management review

What are the benefits of the ISO 50001 standard to organizations?

- It ensures efficient use of energy.

- Provides the business with the opportunity to save on energy costs. Significant savings in energy costs are achieved through a well-established and well-managed ISO 50001 system. Because reducing energy use means reducing the costs of energy expenditures.

-It plays an active role in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, albeit indirectly.

-It is a complete guide and provides a systematic functioning to the organization and its employees.

-Gives a positive perspective and appearance to the business from the point of view of customers regarding the importance given to environmental awareness and sustainability.

- Thanks to the performance evaluations made as a result of energy use in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard, the enterprise can see how much energy it consumes on a monthly or annual basis and can make improvements accordingly.

-It gives the business an "environmentally friendly" identity and is very valuable in terms of corporate image.

With the continuous increase in production, the need for energy also increases. This results in a reduction in energy resources. Therefore, it is very important to use energy efficiently and economically and to establish an ISO 50001management system for this purpose.

You can click on the link below to access the QuickCheck (question list), which contains detailed information on where and how to start the ISO 50001 Energy Management System: